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About us

  Who We Are
Jerry Aiyathurai founded JCFactor after more than a decade of large-firm consulting. JCFactor offers a cost effective, pragmatic consulting alternative, based on a mix of analytical and behavioral competencies, and delivered in a customized manner, to help your organization conduct an acquisition or improve performance through internal renewal.
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  How We Work
We work in a customized manner. We draw on a network of senior, mature consultants with specific expertise. The goal is to design the work to suit your situation. Depending on your context we may:
PALADIN Provide a planning workshop to prepare your senior team for an acquisition or major change initiative,  
PALADIN Conduct an independent performance analysis and provide a report with improvement findings for you to act upon,  
PALADIN Design and manage a renewal project alongside your people, or  
PALADIN Transfer needed competencies to every level in your organization, through workshops, publications and facilitated interventions.  

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